Renewable super survey

Renewable super survey

A few environmental groups have teamed up to produce a survey that will gauge demand for an industry fund that’s 100 per cent invested in renewables. They’re looking for at least 1000 responses, and you can add your voice by clicking here and spending a few minutes filling out the form.

In the meantime, the number of Vital Few members is still climbing, which means we’re putting more pressure than ever on existing funds to start measuring and disclosing their exposure to climate-based risk. Remember, what gets measured gets managed – so if you haven’t sent a letter to your fund yet, you can do so here. And if you have sent a letter and received a response, make sure you forward it on to

The true price of coal

I finally got around to reading Bill McKibben’s article in the June edition of The Monthly this week. Titled ‘False Profits’, it looks at the impact of Australia’s coal mining and export industry on global climate change, and what we need to do if we want to minimise that impact (hint: stop mining and exporting so much coal).

As a relative newcomer to the cause, I liked this article for a few reasons – not least of them being that McKibben, who is president and co-founder of, is a pretty rad guy. He’s a great writer, and here he’s managed to present a very emotive issue in a reasonable, balanced way. For the uninitiated (especially those living in Australia), it’s a good entry point to the issue of climate change: it identifies the internationally accepted two-degree warming limit, and the roughly 500 gigatons of carbon we can release into the atmosphere worldwide before we breach it. It then points out the percentage of that carbon Australia’s coal-mining industry will produce if we don’t leave the stuff in the ground: roughly 30 per cent at last estimate, meaning changing the behaviour of individual Australians is far less important than reshaping our resource industries. Read more…