AYCC join The Vital Few

The Vital Few is delighted to welcome the Australian Youth Climate Coalition to The Vital Few community. In this exciting new partnership, AYCC will help drive awareness of the risks that climate change poses to superannuation by getting an important message out to young Australians – that it’s their money and their future. AYCC members will be invited to become Climate Super Heroes by challenging their superfunds to act as climate leaders not laggards. Through The Vital Few platform the AYCC Climate Super Heroes will get direct access to the decision makers in their funds with the confidence that their fund has a legal obligation to listen to them and respond to their requests.¬†They will ask their funds to reveal how much of their money is currently invested in high-carbon investments, and to manage climate risk on their behalf by increasing the exposure to low-carbon investments.¬†Each member of the AYCC Climate Super Heroes team will receive one on one support, help, and advice throughout the process as well as an outlet to share their experience with their fund via blogs and social media. Follow their journey here as they help drive real change in the Australian industry.

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