Is your university climate smart?
Is you university letting you down?

Find out what part universities are playing in climate change

After the Global Financial Crisis many of the top universities globally were put under severe financial pressure that saw funding cuts and large restructures. The simple reason for this is that their operations relied – and still rely - heavily on returns from their portfolio investments. The Vital Few want to ensure that in future our top universities avoid losing more important funding because they are invested in risky, emissions intensive businesses that could face a large devaluation in value due to increasing carbon regulation and breakthroughs in renewable energy technology. Of course, we also want universities to invest in low carbon companies because this is the best option for our climate.


The Vital Few is launching the Climate Smart Universities campaign to quickly and easily allow students, staff and alumni to check how their university is managing the financial risks associated with climate change, including unburnable carbon and higher insurance premiums due to natural disasters.


Over the coming months our parent organisation, AODP (the Asset Owners Disclosure Project), will be contacting the top 300 performing universities asking them to let us know a little more about what they are up to and how they are investing for our future academics. We’ll then use this information to assess each university on how they are managing the financial risks associated with climate change, giving them a rating from AAA to X and ranking them against their peers.

What you can do:

We want you to send a letter to your university asking them how they are managing climate change risks and whether they will respond to the AODP information request. Feel free to edit the letter as you see fit to get your own message across.

What to do with the response:

We are hoping your university will send you a good response to the all the questions you have asked. If you pass this response onto The Vital Few team, we can use this to help us rate your university on climate change risk.

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